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Museo del cinema torino biglietti

Museum of Cinema – Admission tickets

Public hours:

Monday: from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday: from 9:00 to 8:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am to 11:00 pm
Tuesday. Closed day
Admission may be booked every 15 minutes.

Last time to book: 5:00 pm, when the museum closes at 8:00 pm, and 6:45 pm when the museum closes at 11:00 pm (except special openings or closures, or early or late openings some days of the year).
Closed: Tuesday. For December 25 and January 1, the museum opens at 3:00 pm and closes at 8:00 pm (subject to change). On December 31, the museum closes at 6:00 pm.

Museum of Cinema – Ticket types and discounts

Panoramic elevator ticket + museum

Full ticket price (adult):€19.50 (includes ticket, €1.50 pre-sale, and €3.00 online agency booking fee).
Reduced ticket:€16.50. Visitors between 6 and 18 and university students from 18 to 26 who have student cards are entitled to access with a reduced ticket.
Free tickets: Booking is not required. Children up to 5, disabled people and their companions are entitled to free admission.

Note: The price calculated automatically by the system includes an online booking fee of €3.00 per ticket. The ticket price is subject to mandatory extra charges for temporary exhibitions.
Advance purchase of the ticket for the panoramic elevator DOES not give you priority if there are long waits, which may exceed 60 minutes during high traffic periods.

Cancellation Policy: Tickets for this museum are valid for a single admission and once booked, they may not be canceled nor changed for any reason. No refund will be given if they are not used.


Address:Via Montebello, 20 10124 Turin

bus 61, 55, 56, tram 13 and 15 (ROSSINI stop, via Po);
bus 68 (VERDI stop, via Rossini);
tram 16 (PALAZZO NUOVO stop, Corso San Maurizio)
Metro: Porta Nuova stop, walk last section.

Online reservations are limited to a maximum of 14 people per booking.
For groups of more than 15 please call email us at, noting the group type and if you are interested in a guide service.
Visitors under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
SCHOOLS:For private guided tours for schools, please call 0552670402 or write a request to

Multimedia guide:A multimedia guide is available for €5 and is rented on site. Languages (Italian, English, and French)

Accessibility information:The museum is accessible to disabled visitors, but the tour of the dome is not recommended for visitors suffering from motor difficulties, serious vision or hearing impairment, heart disease, lung disease, claustrophobia, or spatial orientation disorders (labyrinthitis, vertigo, etc.). Access to the Dome is not allowed for children under 6. In the summer months, the tour of the Dome depends on weather conditions.

Museum regulations:
Leashed pets are allowed on the ground floor of the Mole Antonelliana. Only small dogs are allowed in the museum, carried by hand or in a carrier or bag. Pets may not enter the scenic elevator.
Guide dogs are always allowed upon prior authorization by the museum.
The entrance time printed on the ticket refers to access to the waiting area for the scenic elevator, not to the time of the ride.
Advance purchase of the ticket for the panoramic elevator DOES not give you priorityif there are long waits, which may exceed 60 minutes during high traffic periods.

Museo Cinema Torino Biglietti


The Turin Museum of Cinema is the third most popular museum in Turin after the Egyptian Museum and the Palace of Venaria.

The Museum of Cinema is famed for holding one of the most complete collections in the world about film history. The museum got its first start in 1941 when the film historian Maria Adriana Prolo started to collect materials, though the collection did not find a suitable home until 1958. The museum was officially established in a wing of Palazzo Chiablese, and it was only in 2000 that it moved to its current site in the Mole Antonelliana.

Turin Museum of Cinema and Mole Antonelliana

At 167.50 meters, the Mole Antonelliana complex makes the Museum of Cinema the world's tallest. It features an all-glass panoramic that takes visitors up 85 meters in 59 seconds, where they can enjoy an amazing view of the city from the dome's small terrace.

The exhibition in the original museum site in Palazzo Chiablese was created from an exhibition of memorabilia on the ground floor, and another room was set up for screenings and a film and book library were on the upper floor. Exhibitions and film festivals were put on at the Turin Museum of Cinema with themes such as the "Exhibition of Caricature in Photography" in 1960, the "Stereoscopy Exhibition" in 1966, and the "Exhibition of Silent Film Posters" in 1974. The museum site was closed in 1983 due to safety concerns after a fire in Cinema Statuto. When the founder died in 1991, a foundation was established in her name, which, along with other donors, helped the museum grow and move to the new site at Mole Antonelliana.

The Turin Museum of Cinema – Tour route

The tour of the Museum of Cinema covers two floors. On the first floor is the Cinema Archeology section. Archeology here refers to the technologies, historical development, and set and film items used in the past before the days of modern cinema. The floor has eight different rooms where you can see up close the technologies used in the past: shadow puppetry, the apparent movement optics, optical illusions, the stereoscopes, and optical boxes. The first floor is probably the best one for children because all installations can be touched. Digital interaction through TAGs and captions complete the descriptions. In the eight rooms, you'll learn things like the term "Panorama" a vision technology patented in 1787, and about magic lanterns, the forebears of today's beloved animated cartoons. Older kids and adults will enjoy the "thrills and chills" of the Phantasmagoria show. On the first floor, you can also see the true forebears of cinematography: the praxinoscope, the chronophotograph, and the kinematoscope. Continuing to Mole Antonelliana's center, you'll find a huge room called the "Aula del Tempio" where an enormous spiral staircase dominates the scene, on the sides of which are numerous temporary exhibitions that will give you the feeling of traveling back in time. There is a glass elevator wrapped around the staircase that goes up to the top of the dome of the Mole Antonelliana. Or keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground, you can get comfortable in one of the many armchairs in the Aula del Tempio and watch a variety of silent films projected on the many screens on the wall, interspersed by videos of the greatest dance scenes in cinema history. At the end of the movie viewing (about 20 minutes each), the screening is paused for the Son et Lumière light and sound show on the background of the dome! In the side niches of the enormous room, you can see sets that evoke all kinds of film genres (western, horror, adventure, science fiction, etc.)

An elevator takes you to the upper floor, whose theme is a cinema "time machine" which illustrates the steps involved in making a film, starting from production to direction, actors, costumes, photography, sketches, music, special effects, and lighting. On the upper floor, called the "Poster Gallery," see the greatest film posters that have immortalized the faces of so many actors in the history of film. A tip for the brave: don't miss going up to the dome on the panoramic elevator! You'll get a sweeping view of all of Turin and the beautiful Alpine landscape around the city. 

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