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This guided tour will let you discover one of the most beautiful basilicas in Italy. Abounding in history and culture, the basilica is on a scenic hilltop affording a view of the beauty of the entire city.


PRIVATE TOUR: Basilica of Superga
DURATION: Approx. 2 hours
Language: English or major language of your choice
Price includes: Private guide service (2 hours), headsets to make it easier to hear the guide's explanation for groups of more than 12.
NOT included in price: Admission ticket to the Royal Apartments, Basilica, and dome. The ticket must be purchased independently before the start of the guided tour.
Maximum number of participants: 25
For tours with more than 15 participants, please ask for a quote by email at or by calling 055/2670402.

START TIME: From 9:30 am every 30 minutes until 4:30 pm from Monday to Sunday.
Closed: Monday
The guided tour can be booked within 2 hours of the museum's closure.
Unavailable dates: January 1, December 25 (except special openings or closures).

Children: From 0 to under 11 are free of charge and require no reservation.
When headsets are provided for large groups, children under 12 will not be given headsets.

Start time: Your choice every 30 minutes from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Maximum number of participants: 25

SCHOOLS: For private guided tours for schools, please call +39 055 5321180 or write a request to

Basilica di Superga with private guide: tour itinerary

Your licensed guide will spend two hours telling you all about the Basilica di Superga — Turinese also call it the Real Basilica di Superga — and the wonders it holds within. Standing a hill of the same name to the north-east of Turin, The Basilica di Superga was built at the behest of King Victor Amadeus II of Savoy in gratitude for his victory over the French. The basilica was designed by the architect Filippo Juvarra and built in 1715.
The Royal Apartments were built next to the Basilica and used as resting quarters for when the royal family came to visit.
Your guide will start by leading you inside the Basilica. After construction was completed and it was opened in 1731, it was 51 m long with a dome 75 m. high. Its height and that of the hill where it stands make it visible from afar, and, from the Basilica di Superga you can enjoy a sublime view of the city of Turin and the Alps.

The Basilica has a circular structure topped by a Baroque style dome. In the front is a pronaos supported by eight Corinthian columns in classical style. On the complex's facade, you can see classical-style features as well. The two bell towers on the side of the main structure particularly evoke Borromini's style. During your tour inside the church, you can appreciate the glittering sculptures by the brothers, Filippo and Ignazio Collino. The basilica's inner structure is divided into six chapels and four altars, in addition to the High Altar. Every chapel contains statues and monuments made of Carrara marble. Especially interesting are the many altar paintings and the dome, inspired by Francesco Borromini's Roman architecture. In the Chapel of the Vow is a 17th-century statue of Madonna delle Grazie. It was to this statue that Victor Amadeus II requested victory in the battle against the French.

Your official guide will then take you to admire a royal crypt. Built at the behest of King Victor Amadeus II, several important members of the House of Savoy were buried here. Among these are Victor Amadeus II himself and his son Carl Emmanuel III. On the back of a Basilica is a convent where the priests of the Servite order lived.
The next step of your private tour is the entrance to the royal apartments, which are divided into five rooms; the antechamber, the first reception room, the dressing room, the Green Room, and the Pink Room. You can appreciate Benedetto Cacciatori's sculpture in the antechamber, a statue depicting a child in a basket, which can be interpreted in two ways: a celebration of a birth or a funerary statue.

Next, in the reception hall, you can see a breakfast table with a folding top among the furnishings. In the Green Room, your guide will show you a special gueridon table with a circular top decorated like a chessboard. Inside this room, you'll see five paintings that the king commissioned, originally intended to adorn the tea room.
Continuing the tour of the Royal Apartments of Superga, you'll go through the Red Room, named for the color of its upholstery This room includes many important paintings commissioned by the Savoy family.
Finally, we'll go into the Dining Room and the King's Salon. This room, used by the Piedmontese sovereigns, when they visited the Basilica features four enormous paintings of four Savoy sovereigns. Your tour will end going up to the Dome where you can take in a magnificent view of the church from on high.


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