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Museo Cinema Torino Biglietti


Discover the secrets of the film world and its history with a specialized guide exclusively for you. The Turin Museum of Cinema opens its doors to give you a one-of-a-kind experience!


: Museum of Cinema and Mole Antonelliana
DURATION: Approx. 2 hours
Language: English or major language of your choice
Price includes: Private guide service (2 hours), admission ticket with reservation to the Cinema Museum, headsets to help listen to the guide's explanation for groups of more than 10.

START TIME: From 9:00 am every 30 minutes until 4:30 pm every day.
Closed: Tuesday
The guided tour can be booked within 2 hours of the museum's closure.
Unavailable dates: January 1, December 25 (except special openings or closures).

Children: Between 6 and 17 must book the reduced ticket (they participate in the tour at a discounted fee and for headset as needed).
Children under 5 are free of charge for the tour and require no mention when booking.
Maximum number of participants: 25

The tour can be booked on the website for up to 14 participants. For 15 people and over, please write an email to to request a quote.

SCHOOLS: For private guided tours for schools, please call +39 055 5321180 or write a request to

TOUR ITINERARY: Turin Museum of Cinema

A licensed guide of Turin will lead you through this special museum inside the Mole Antonelliana. The tour starts on the first of the two floors of the museum.

On the first floor is the Cinema Archeology museum. Archeology means showing all the techniques used in the early years of film. The room is divided into eight parts where the guide will let visitors experience these "technologies" first hand. First of all, you can see how shadow puppetry was used. This is an art from China with an extremely long tradition, an ancient performance put on by traveling theaters. Next is a demonstration of the optics of apparent movement, better known as an optical illusion. In film, this type of technique was used by superimposing images and creating a visual illusion that let people see a moving image. The effect of movement was achieved through stereoscopes and optical boxes. These eight rooms are the best section of the museum of children because they can touch and interact with the exhibition.

The guide will tell you all about the term "panorama." In film, the term refers to a particular type of view patented in 1787. You'll also hear about how magic lanterns were the predecessors of what we now call animated cartoons.
The first floor also has examples of the true forerunners of cinematography: the praxinoscope, the chronophotography, the kinematoscope. Next, in the center of the Mole Antonelliana, you'll see an enormous room called the "Temple Hall" where temporary exhibitions are put on. Three classic films from the history of film are projected in the hall, interspersed by a light show on the dome. Your guide will then take you to the top floor of the Museum of Cinema, where all the steps involved in making a film will be explained in detail. The explanation covers it all, from production to direction, actors, costumes as well as photography, sketches, music, special effects, and lighting. The tour of the top floor ends with the "Poster Gallery," where you can see the greatest film posters that have immortalized the faces of so many actors in the history of film.
Your custom tour ends in going up to the dome on a panoramic elevator where you can enjoy a sweeping view of Turin. Because of the height, we advise against the elevator for those with heart problems or fear of heights. This private tour with a guide exclusively for you is a unique way to give yourself or others the gift of a one-of-a-kind museum.


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Private tour Price

How the price of a private tour is determined: depending on the tour duration, a fixed cost is set, corresponding to the hourly rate of the guide service, which varies based on the language chosen.
The price of admission tickets and other monuments, where required, is added to this amount, as well as headsets for groups of more than 10.
The museum tickets always include the admission booking to avoid lines at the ticket office. Only a few monuments do not allow for advanced booking. 

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