Discover Turin with a private, licensed guide! Visit the Basilica of Superga and the Royal Palace in Turin

Palazzo Reale Torino


A tour to explore the Savoy's Royal Palace. An expert guide will lead you through its rooms where kings, queens, dukes, and duchesses once received their guests.


PRIVATE TOUR: Private tour of Royal Palace of Turin
Duration: 2 hours

Language: English or major language of your choice
Price includes: Private guide service (2 hours), headsets to make it easier to hear the guide's explanation for groups of more than 10.
Price does NOT include: Admission tickets to be purchased independently before the start of the tour.

START TIME: From 9:00 am every 30 minutes until 4:30 pm. The guided tour can be booked within 2 hours of the museum's closure.
Unavailable dates: January 1, December 25, Monday, the palazzo's closed day.

Children: From 0–9 are free of charge for the tour and require no reservation. When headsets are provided for large groups, children will not be given headsets.
Groups: Maximum number of participants: 25. For larger groups, contact us for a customized quote.

SCHOOLS: For private guided tours for schools, please call 0552670402 or write


Your exclusive tour of the Royal Palace of Turin will lead you on a discovery of one of the European palaces most written about by 18th-century travelers.
As Davide Bertolotti wrote in 1840, the travel books of the era were full of stories about the magnificence of the royal residence. They praised its grandiose rooms, carvings, and gilded ceilings. They also appreciated its tapestries, crystal lamps, furniture, and everyday objects, beautifully inlaid and embellished with gems and gold.
Your guide will tell you about how the Royal Palace, which overlooks one of Turin's most beautiful squares, was the royal seat of power of the Savoy family for over 300 years.
It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 for its elegant stuccos and carvings.
Turin was the first capital of Italy and one reason why it has so many monuments of extraordinary beauty. Prime among these is this exceptional palace that joins many styles together ranging from the 17th to the 18th centuries, joined in the elegant Baroque façade.

The palace came into existence in 1584 when Charles Emanuel I commissioned the architect Ascanio Vitozzi to build his palace. Later, in the latter 17th century, Amadeo di Castellamonte took over as head architect, followed by Carlo Morello. During this period, the interiors were designed and decorated with gold carvings and stuccos as well as large allegorical paintings. In 1688, Daniel Seyter was then commissioned to fresco the gallery, which is why it is called "Daniel's gallery." He also later worked on the ground floor apartment, called "Madama Felicita."

The last modification was in 1713, and after Turin had become the capital of Italy, the "command rooms" were added, with offices, chancelleries, and barracks.
Your licensed guide will lead you along the first floor, taking the grand staircase decorated with paintings and statues by Domenico Ferri.
On this floor, you can appreciate the Great Swiss Salon, depicting "the glories of the Saxon line of the Vitichindo" and the painting by Palma, the Younger, depicting Emmanuel Philibert during the battle of San Quentin. On this floor, you can also see the Gallery of the Holy Shroud, the Gallery of Battles, the Scissor Staircase by Filippo Juvarra, and a number of ceremonial rooms.

Next, your guide will tell you about the Room of the Corazzieri Dignitaries) and the Room of the Staffieri (or the Virtues), which features a spectacular carved and painted ceiling. Next comes the Room of the Paggi or the Victories.
Then you'll come to the Throne Room where Jan Miel's Triumph of Peace is located. After the Throne Room, you'll go through the Audience Room and Council Room to get to Filippo Juvarra's Chinese Room, where you'll find a fresco by the famed Claudio Francesco of Beaumont. The tour continues in the bedroom, the Breakfast Room and then "Daniel's gallery," mentioned earlier, where the Glorification of Victor Amadeus II is painted on the ceiling.
Last but not least is the Queen's Rooms. The bedroom, workroom, dressing room, chambermaid's quarters, and especially the Queen's Chapel all exude great style and femininity.

The first floor ends with the Ballroom featuring white marble columns. The second and last part of your guided tour takes you inside the Royal Armory. This is one of the finest and largest collections of armory and weapons anywhere in the world. Some of the most fascinating weapons here include the Sword of San Maurizio, the armor of Emmanuel Filibert and a sword belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte. Your personalized tour of the Royal Palace of Turin ends here, but the city of Turin and its museums await you. Discover them on new, fascinating tours with our expert guides! 


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