Discover Turin with a private, licensed guide! Visit the Basilica of Superga and the Royal Palace in Turin

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Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of Turin's Royal Palaces, the magnificence of its churches, and its modern spirit!
A licensed guide will lead you in an exploration of this timeless city abounding in style!


PRIVATE TOUR: Walking tour of the historic center of Turin
Duration: 2 hours

Language: Englishn or major language of your choice

Price includes: Private guide service (2 hours), headsets to make it easier to hear the guide's explanation for groups of more than 10.
Price does NOT include: Admission fees to museums, churches or monuments to be agreed upon at the time with the guide and to be paid on site.

START TIME: From 9:00 am every 30 minutes until 5:00 pm.
Unavailable dates: January 1 and December 25.
Children from 0–11 are free of charge for the tour and require no mention upon reservation.

Note: As this is a walking tour, we recommend that you wear comfortable shoes.
Groups: Maximum number of participants: 25. For larger groups, contact us for a personalized quote.
SCHOOLS: For private guided tours for schools, please call 0552670402 or write


Turin and its charm. Turin and its magic. Turin and its palaces. How many facets and possibilities can Turin offer you? Our tour with a guide exclusively for you will take you on a walking tour that will give you a glimpse of all of its many facets.

Your guide will wait for you in Piazza Castello, Turin's true heart. This square is the long-time historic and political heart of Turin, and it has been the site and starting point of urban expansions. The current-day Via Roma and Via Pietro Micca start from here. The history of Turin dates to the mid 14th century, when, as your guide will tell you, the Savoy-Achaian princes decided to demolish the adjacent buildings and blocks. This was primarily done to create a large ceremonial area used for royal events. Only after projects by Vittozzi, Amedeo di Castellamonte, and Filippo Juvarra, did this space become what could be called a square. Many Baroque buildings line Piazza Castello, the most impressive of which are Palazzo Madame and the Royal Palace. Your guide will give you a detailed description of these two buildings' history.

First: Palazzo Madama. This sumptuous building, featuring a centuries-old history, is now the site of the Civic Museum of Ancient Art. In Roman times, on this site there was the Porta Decumana, a gate that let those entering from across the Po enter the city. In the 13th century, it became the property of the Marquis of Monferrato, and later, in the 15th century, of the Savoy.
Its shift from a noble residence to a ducal palace happened in 1637 when Christine of France, regent of Savoy, used it as her home, starting a century of Baroque style embellishments, mainly the work of Filippo Juvarra.

Next, you'll hear about the history of the Royal Palace, the one true center of power for the Savoy family for more than 300 years. Built in the late 16th century on Ascanio Vitozzi's design, the sumptuous facade we see today is due to the embellishments commissioned in the mid 17th century by the sovereigns to Carlo Morello. The years of the royal residence greatest glory were from the late 18th century to the unification of Italy. After that point, when the capital moved to Florence and then Rome, the palace underwent a sharp, progressive decline. Your personal guide will then take you through Turin's main streets to admire the Teatro Regio and the beautiful Church of San LorenzoThen you'll go to Turin's archaeological area where the cathedral is located, home to the Holy Shroud.

The Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, in the square of the same name, is a one-of-a-kind church, in Piedmontese Renaissance style. The cathedral was built between 1491 and 1498, with the powerful backing of the Savoy family and the bishop Domenico della Rovere, designed by Meo del Caprino. It was later expanded when the Savoy family brought the Holy Shroud here in the 17th century. This incredible relic attracts millions of visitors every year and is kept inside the Baroque altar designed by Antonio Bertola. The Basilica's façade and interiors were restored in 1997 after a fire in the night between April 11 and 12. The whole world watched the unforgettable television images of the firefighters saving the Holy Shroud from the flames. This important relic is now protected by temperature-controlled, bulletproof glass.

Your guide will bring you through the arcades of Via Po to Piazza San Carlo. The people of Turin call this square the city's living room because of its many elegant cafés.
The final part of your tour will return to Piazza Castello through the Galleria Subalpina and Piazza Carlo Alberto.
When the tour reaches its end, the words of Giorgio de Chirico are sure to come to mind: "Turin is the most profound, most enigmatic, most disquieting city not only in Italy but in the entire world."


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